Northern Indiana Woodcrafters Association Dining Room Furniture

Dining Room Furniture Builders

Below is a list of Northern Indiana Woodcrafters Association members who specialize in building dining room furniture.

A&J Woodworking, LLC

Crafts & Accessories | Dining Room

P: 574-642-4551

F: 574-642-3606

Artisan Chairs

Dining Room

P: 260-768-4488

F: 260-768-7532

F&N Woodworking, LLC photo-icon

Dining Room

P: 260-463-8938

F: 260-499-4946

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Fireside Log Furniture, LLC photo-icon

Bedroom | Cabinetry | Dining Room | Living Room | Occasional Tables | Office

P: 260-562-3064

F: 260-562-1065

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Hilltop Hickory Furniture photo-icon

Bedroom | Dining Room | Entertainment | Game Room Items | Living Room | Occasional Tables | Office

P: 260-593-2421

F: 260-593-0705

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Hoosier Crafts, LLC photo-icon

Dining Room

P: 574-642-3796

F: 574-642-3780

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Hoosier Heirlooms, LLC photo-icon

Bedroom | Dining Room | Occasional Tables

P: 260-562-2220

F: 260-562-3698

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Hoosier Home Furniture photo-icon

Bedroom | Dining Room (Pie Safes)

P: 574-773-0148

F: 574-773-0464

Integrity Woodcrafting photo-icon

Dining Room | Finishing

P: 260-562-2067

F: 260-562-2047

Interior Hardwoods, LLC photo-icon

Dining Room | Entertainment | Occasional Tables

P: 260-768-7048

F: 260-768-7749

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L&M Woodworking

Dining Room

P: 574-534-9177

F: 574-533-2463

Northern Woodcraft Products

Dining Room

P: 260-768-7726

F: 260-768-7701

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Pine Hill Woodworking

Dining Room

P: 260-499-4650

R.H. Yoder Woodworking, LLC photo-icon

Dining Room | Office

P: 574-825-6183

F: 574-825-3868

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The Country Woodshop

Dining Room

P: 574-642-3681

F: 574-642-2657

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Townline Furniture photo-icon

Dining Room

P: 260-499-4875

F: 260-499-4876

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West Point Woodworking, LLC photo-icon

Dining Room

P: 260-768-4750

F: 260-768-3176

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Woodside Woodworks photo-icon

Dining Room

P: 260-499-3220

F: 260-499-3221

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