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Living Room Furniture

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At the young age of 14, Daniel Lehman knew he wanted to be a woodcrafter. He grew up in the town of Honeyville, Indiana with five brothers and two sisters. His father owned a workshop; "just a small little shop, had a couple saws in it." This is where Daniel made his first two chairs, meant for children, which ignited a spark. It was from then on that he had a big dream to fulfill.

Fast forward to today, Daniel finds himself in Topeka, Indiana with his dream a reality. It was not instantaneous. From 1982 to 1996, he worked in an RV factory and in 1994 he opened his own woodworking business known as D&E Workshop. For the first couple of years, Daniel worked alone, pursuing that spark and building up what had been his dream from so many years ago. As that dream developed and grew, Daniel was able to hire employees to help grow his business. Today, he employs five workers, seeming to be just the right number for his workload.

D&E specializes in the making of rockers and gliders, selling only wholesale items. After a piece is designed and taken from Daniel’s creative mind to paper, the building process begins. Most D&E furniture is built using mortise and tenons; joints in which one piece is cut out and the other is protruding. They then fit perfectly inside each other and are glued to hold together.

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