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P: 260-761-3308 F: 260-761-3059 3150 W 1075 N, Wawaka, IN 46794

Just like fine paintings and sculptures, woodworking is an art form. When E&I builds a desk or any other office furniture, you can be sure there is not another one exactly like it... anywhere. That is due in part to the variations in color and characteristics of natural wood, but it is also the result of hand craftsmanship, an inherent Amish work ethic and special attention to each and every piece at every stage of the production process. When you purchase an E&I piece of furniture, you’re getting a limited edition. You’ll find that limited edition number on a small metal plate attached on each piece.

E&I started from my interest in woodworking. At first, I made things for family members and friends. With every piece, I improved my techniques and quality. Before long, others were asking that I create furniture for them too. When time conflicts between my factory job and woodworking arose, there was no doubt about where my passion lay. From those modest beginnings, E&I has grown year by year. Why? Because our dealers and their customers expect only the highest quality furniture... and we deliver... consistently.

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