Honeybee Furniture, LLC

Honeybee Furniture, LLC

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P: 260-593-0567 F: 260-593-0568 9360 W 400 S, Topeka, IN 46571

Honeybee Furniture LLC, is located in the heart of Honeyville, Indiana. With a desire to build furniture, our business was established in 2002, and got its name using part of Honeyville, and part of my last name, Beechy – creating Honeybee! I grew up on a farm and married my wife, Ruby, in 1986. I worked in a factory for 10 years until 1995 when I joined a cabinet door manufacturing company. I was employed there for 6.5 years and during this time I also began to build some of my own crafts and furniture. By 2005 I started making furniture full time. Our goal at Honeybee is to build quality hand-crafted furniture with customer satisfaction as our top priority!

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